Phil Zimmerman is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, singer/songwriter and comedy club promoter.

He is perhaps best known for his legendary 2007 television appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks which earned him cult status and a whole new army of fans. His memorable performance as Creepy No5 had Bill Bailey comparing him to a character from the film Wrong Turn, and flummoxed presenter Simon Amstell who for once was upstaged as Phil stole the show without moving a muscle.

Zimmerman began doing stand-up in 1999 and made an immediate impact in dingy basements and cupboards with his off-the-wall, physical character act ‘Pigeonman.’ Nothing quite like it had ever been been seen on the circuit, and nothing has since.

He once went on stage at a gig in Islington without uttering a word for the first six minutes, sending the whole room into hysterics entirely through the use of facial expressions. "That was absolute genius," said Comedy Brewhouse promoter John Layne. "That was real power up there.You don't often see a performance like that."

The ITV show Gagging for it picked up on the act and Phil’s Pigeonman appeared on the show in 2002. He also made appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001 and 2003. But one night after getting back from a gruesome gig in Torquay at 4.17am, he decided to take a break from the comedy circuit.

It was a break that was to last around five years, although he kept his hand in after being asked to co-promote and compere Joe Wilson’s anarchic Comedy Madhouse in Soho, Phil’s favourite club. In the meantime, he rediscovered his passion for making music, having previously fronted several rock bands as a singer songwriter/trumpet player. He went to Glastonbury in the blissful summer haze of 2003, (not a drop of rain fell), and as a result was inspired to form a band called Phil Zimmerman and the Unknowns...